RV Repair Manual
  for the RV Do-It-Yourselfer

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RV Suspension, RV Bearings, RV Brakes

  • Trailer Brakes
    Adjusting RV trailer brakes.
  • RV Bearings
    Servicing RV Bearings: I, personally, recommend at least a yearly service of rv bearings, more often for severe service or high mileage units.
  • Servicing RV Bearings
    Servicing RV Bearings
  • RV Springs
    There are various rv springs and suspension arrangements used on RV suspension systems with the most common being the leaf type or "buggy" type system.
  • Replacing RV Bushings
    Replacing RV Trailer Suspension Bushings Bushing replacement ... The trailer is jacked up and placed on jack stands. This allows the axles to hang freely so that the work can proceed.
  • Axle
    This procedure is erroneously referred to as "flipping the axles". The axles are not inverted or flipped over, but are re-positioned from over to under the springs. This will lift the trailer about 4 to 5 inches.
  • RV Weighing
    Drive the tow vehicle and trailer or fifth wheel onto the scale with all passengers, supplies and equipment as for a typical trip.
  • Tonge Weight
    With most typical bathroom scales you can measure trailer tongue weights to 900 pounds.
  • Trailer tires
    RV Trailer tires - care and maintenance