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Dometic Sealand 110 and 210 RV Toilet Repair

Sealand repair book available at Amazon

This is a Kindle ebook focusing on replacing the foot spring and ball valve.Repairing Sealand 110 Toilet


Seat and lid

The original cheap plastic seat and lid is prone to cracking and breaking. A replacement from Dometic is over $60 !!! A better alternative is one from Amazon that is sturdy, fits well and has an easy lift off feature for cleaning.


Leaky Seal

From the Heartland Owners Forum: "If your toilet seal looks good and you have removed the toilet bowl from the toilet base..............the seal system consists of large flat compression seal (to seal toilet bowl to toilet base) and inner seal (flush ball seal). The inner seal can be rotated within the outer seal allowing the flush ball to reseal against a ball seal in a different wear pattern.

My toilet was not sealing because the flush ball seal was sagging not allowing the flush ball to completely close the last 1/8". I rotated the inner seal slightly to create a new wear surface for the flush ball to glide over and close. Use Pledge furniture polish to lube the seal (has wax in it).

Make sure to removed all debris from both seals before reinstalling and spray Pledge onto both sides of seals. Reinstall the toilet bowl and tighten the clamp, the flush ball seal should have the same reveal around the flush ball opening (as looking down the hole). If not, loosen the clamp and adjust the toilet bowl into position.

If this works, no need to buy parts. The flush ball seal can be rotated several times until it seals no more...............then you can buy an new seal kit. Tool required........screwdriver or nut driver to remove the toilet bowl speed clamp. No need to disconnect the water lines, just turn off water supply to RV and dump any water in toilet bowl prior removing clamp. "

If you do need a new seal, kit, here's one from Amazon. Be sure to get the right one for your model toilet.


Spring replacement

The spring assembly is a cartridge and is replaced as a unit. Do not take the cartridge apart. Don't ask me how I know!


Valve replacement


 A leaking water valve will either leak out onto the floor or drible into the bowl and slowly fill it up. It is easily changed by almost anyone.


Plumbers silicone

Plumbers silicone is used to help lubricate the ball vave and help the seals do their job. Just apply a little to the ball surface. Plumbers silicone is available at most hardware stores, Walmart, Lowes etc.


Spring and valve location


Sealand 110 Valve

Sealand owners manual (pdf) can be found here.